Visual Improvement Design Contests
Visual Improvement Design Contests for Street, Junction and Park click here to view more details [Last date of Submission: 04/12/2016]...
Logo Design Contest
Logo design contest for "SURAT SMART CITY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED", click here to view more details [Last date of Submission: 23/11/2016]...
Surat Open Data Portal
Surat Open Data Portal website launched, click here to view more details...
New Tender
Expression of Interest for Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of Connected Surat Project an initiative for creating a city wide fiber network [Project under Smart City Mission]. Click here for more details
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Smart City Vision

"Smart Utilization of Surat City’s potential for enhancing quality of life for the citizens by providing equal access to best quality physical infrastructure, social infrastructure and mobility through leveraging state of the art technology; thus making surat a futuristic global city with focus on enhancing economy, protecting the ecology and preserving the identity and culture of the city"

Quality Infrastructure
Quality Living
Enhanced Economy

Pan City Projects

Surat IT-MAC
Automatic Fare Collection System
ERP with GIS System
SMAC Smart City Centre
S-Connect Card
Connected Surat (FTH)

Area Based Development Projects

Water Supply, Quality and Recharging
Sewage - Recycle & Reuse and Storm Water
Renewable Energy Sources
Town Planning and Development
Economic Development Activities
Affordable Housing
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