• Visual Improvement of Roads consisting of Up gradation, Augmentation, Foot path & Cycle track works, Utility Duct, Road Markings, Street Lighting, Street furniture, Traffic signage, Bus Shelter, Vending Kiosk, Street Landscaping works and other Miscellaneous works along with Operation and Maintenance of Tendered works for Period of Five years on Preparation of Working Drawings, Procurement and Construction Basis.”[Tender Notice No GM (IT)/SSCDL/ABD(16)//1/2016-2017] [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:07/01/2017 | End Date: 30/01/2017 | Availability: Open
  • Request for Qualification for Development of Multi-Level Car Parking cum Commercial Complex in Umarwada, Surat City, Gujarat on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) Basis under Public Private Partnership (PPP)(Tender No.: GM (Engg.)/SSCDL/Traffic/MLCP/1/2016-2017) [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:14/12/2016 | End Date: 28/12/2016 | Availability: Open
  • Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Traffic Control System (ITCS) in Surat city (RFP No.: SSCDL-Traffic-ITCS-RFP-01-2016) [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:10/12/2016 | End Date: 25/01/2017 | Availability: Open
  • Selection of Digital Media Agency for Branding, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Content Moderation, and Channel Management for Citizen Engagement Ecosystem for Surat City (RFP No.: SSCDL-DigitalMediaAgency-RFP-01-2016) [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:07/12/2016 | End Date: 03/01/2017 | Availability: Open
  • RFP for Selection of Financial Institution for Open Loop Smart Card Common City Payments System (RFP No.: SSCDL-CityPaymentCard-RFP-01-2016) [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:22/11/2016 | End Date: 17/01/2017 | Availability: Open
  • Expression of Interest for Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of Connected Surat Project an initiative for creating a city wide fiber network [Project under Smart City Mission]

    Start Date:27/10/2016 | End Date: 06/01/2017 | Availability: Open
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